Introducing The Most Expensive Beach Hut in Hawaii

How much would you spend on a beach hut?

As the weather begins to get colder, a beach hut in Hawaii sounds like the perfect getaway. Measuring at around 484 square feet, this particular beach hut is listed for $2.5 million and is located close to Laupahoehoe in Hawaii.

Does $2.8 million seem too high for a beach hut?

While some would agree that $2.8 million seems a bit steep for just a beach hut, bear in mind that with this property, you also receive 20 acres of the Hawaiian countryside.  Imagine a gorgeous rocky beach, alongside your own private road and you might reconsider that price.

$2.8 million Hawaii beach hut is listed as “unique”

Listed by Sotheby’s as “unique”, the property features a lounge and a kitchen, which makes this beach hut a complete unit for living.